Vortex Based Mathematics A Biblical Perspective

Come join me, Steven Bauer, on the adventure of a lifetime as we explore and expand upon the work of Marko Rodin, founder of Vortex Based Mathematics. If you consider yourself to be an average “too cool for school” human, then maybe you should run away in fear or boredom, but if you see yourself as a hardcore nerd, filled with the desire to crunch numbers, find the numerical answer to the mystery of existence (Spoiler: it’s not 42), and even throw in a little philosophical/religious discussion, then grab the popcorn. This is the kind of math that real mathematicians dream about. Cutting edge mathematical solutions in the field of Vortex Based Mathematics are part of our attempt to help mankind find its way to a Grand Unified Theory, something that even Einstein couldn’t quite lay hold of in its entirety. Functions flow fiercely, ratios are golden and complex, all while laying the mathematical framework for an Information Based Theory of Existence. It’s something you won’t want to miss.

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